Sunday, December 15, 2013


I got accepted into the Cockrell School of Engineering at UT Austin.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Blogger is new to me. I'm apart of the technology generation, but when I got this blog in 2011, I didn't care to learn the technicalities and nuances of Blogger. All of it is overwhelming. So I can see this site from the perspective of older people. I really don't like Blogger right now, but I guess there are so many other mediums to work through that I have to learn one anyway. I'm going to continue using this, and I will get better. So you can expect to see improvements in this blog in the near future. Thank you for reading this.

Asking the Right Questions

Are there right questions? Are there wrong questions? I'm not going to talk about the ethicality of certain questions, but there are questions that have answers and questions that don't have answers. When I began working on java programming, I searched for months on end through Google, Bing, Ask, and about every search engine, "how to create a calculator that knows PEMDAS." One of my goals is to create the most intuitive, powerful calculator on the Android Market, and knowing how to create this PEMDAS calculator was one of the first steps. However, my efforts were fruitless in asking this question. So I tried to solve my problems through brute force. And in doing so, I began to ask other questions, like, "how do I separate operator data - +,-,*,/- from numbers." How do I take a user input that's "8*9*1/4+3" and output "21"? And I came to realize from more searches that what I was looking for is an "expression parser". So if you have been programming and get stuck, try re-wording your question. Look at it from a different angle. Good luck!


I realized that there is no link to my android applications on this blog. Haha, apps were the entire reason I started this. Anyway, so far I have built simple things like calculators and vocabulary quizzes. They can be found here:


It is difficult to apply to colleges. The amount of time and thought that went into my applications was as much as the time it takes to take care of your schoolwork. I am applying to California Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Texas at Austin. In the near future, I hope to be an intern at Google. But let's focus, let's keep moving forward no matter who accepts us.