Wednesday, April 30, 2014

UT Austin 2

Longhorn Startup is another exciting opportunity at UT. It is a set of classes that fosters and encourages the growth of new companies. Students across all majors can take these courses as long as they have a startup idea - a problem they want to solve and a way to solve it. It may be that you're idea is only in its infant stages, and that's okay! This program will help you understand what's feasible, what's not, and will get you to hone your idea into something that is effective on a larger scale. This program will also work on your sales pitch and will connect you with the resources and people necessary to achieve your goal. Mark Cuban played some role in this too. Here's the application:

Here's their website:

This will hopefully be helpful to me, because I want to make applications that reach a greater audience. I've made Android vocabulary apps and calculators. I have a general understanding of how to make a game, but it takes a motivated team and a lot of time to make something beautiful.

Although I live in Dallas, it is convenient to get to and from Austin by bus. And here is the website for that:
The fare is $10-$20, really cheap.

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