Thursday, April 24, 2014

UT Austin

Even though I know I am going to UT Austin, I still doubt my choice. Although I am not yet there, I already feel the pressure of student loans. I tell myself I have little reason to worry, but I still can't sleep at night because of this pervasive anxiety.

I am going to reinforce my desire to go by researching the pros and the wealth of ideas available at UT. And I will share this research over the next few days.

I am going to start off simple. UT offers career fairs that host a number of employers: Dell, Google, Goldman Sachs, Home Depot - a few that stood out to me. Most of them are looking for computer science majors. This is the website: This expo has passed, but I'm sure next year's will be the same if not better.

UT also offers career guidance, interview training, and networking advice for free. This is managed by the liberal arts school. Apparently, career coaching usually costs $100 dollars an hour. Here is the website for more information:

Please Comment and share your ideas!

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